Nature's Place

A Guest in the House

I can’t remember what I was doing now, but I looked up at something moving in the corner of my eye and, sensing me, it stopped dead in its tracks. A little Gecko had come in from the unceasing rainfall and was making his way across my ceiling. Love the way they can walk upside down on the ceiling, with that waggling gait.

A small fellow, about the same size as the one in The Kill. This one had a different outcome though, in the short term anyway, that I know of.

I thought this little fellow would get lost and die in my place, with nothing or very little to eat, so I trapped him. I got a glass mixing bowl from the kitchen and just placed it on the Gecko on the ceiling, careful not to pinch him between the hard glass rim and the flat plasterboard. I then slipped a piece of cardboard between the bowls rim and the ceiling until he jumped down into the glass and I had him.

Then I brought him outside and let him go on a table I use for shots of creatures from around the house that allow me. He dashed this way and that but wasn’t frightened of me when I put a hand out to keep him from running away. And I was delighted he hung around for a little while, with that little encouragement from me.

Of course he was wary of me, a strange giant to his little eye. But after a while he came to sit on my finger once and allowed me to touch him before he darted away.

What a long tongue he’s got. And a lovely golden colour. Little beauty, to me.

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