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Friends …

… of a kind.


Phew … made it.

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Wink …

Recycling some old potting mix in a bucket in the garden that became a trap for a lizard. It fell in.

Don’t know how long it was in there, it wasn’t exhausted yet but it was glad to see me. Clear as day.

Well, don’t know about ‘glad’ but as I lowered a stick carefully in to assist it climb out it clearly took advantage.

I drew the stick up the inside of the bucket and the lizard leaned into it, hooking one leg over it so as not to fall back down.

It worked. As it turned out the lizard was quite tired after its experience and it took a while for it to recover, allowing me a few shots.

These lizards, skinks, are everywhere in the garden, often seen scuttling into some shade or shelter, from preying birds mostly.

Since then I have come across a few of these little lizards active in the open, seeing me but unconcerned

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Meditate …


A Lizard, found exposed up on a wire fence after heavy rain forced it to seek high ground.

for peace of mind.


Periodically I offer to teach meditation and this is that time once more.

I started teaching years ago and paid the insurance and hired a hall, put flyers up all over the place and paid for advertising. And charged accordingly.

Today I only teach from home, in Victoria Point, Queensland and there is no charge for the meditation as there is no cost to me.

Or I can travel and if it’s any distance I would need my costs covered.

Either way it is my pleasure to teach where it is needed.


What I teach is to still the mind. It is not easy to do but it is simple and worthwhile, and once learned you won’t forget it – what you need of it stays with you.

You can best benefit from this meditation if you are conscious of a degree of stress, tension, emotionality or unhappiness and recognise the need for peace of mind. That way you are motivated and will readily see how it works so the learning goes deeper.

If you want this contact me, by phone is best, email is ok too. See Contact page, top right.

See the other pages top right too, for the idea …

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A Guest in the House

I can’t remember what I was doing now, but I looked up at something moving in the corner of my eye and, sensing me, it stopped dead in its tracks. A little Gecko had come in from the unceasing rainfall and was making his way across my ceiling. Love the way they can walk upside down on the ceiling, with that waggling gait.

A small fellow, about the same size as the one in The Kill. This one had a different outcome though, in the short term anyway, that I know of.

I thought this little fellow would get lost and die in my place, with nothing or very little to eat, so I trapped him. I got a glass mixing bowl from the kitchen and just placed it on the Gecko on the ceiling, careful not to pinch him between the hard glass rim and the flat plasterboard. I then slipped a piece of cardboard between the bowls rim and the ceiling until he jumped down into the glass and I had him.

Then I brought him outside and let him go on a table I use for shots of creatures from around the house that allow me. He dashed this way and that but wasn’t frightened of me when I put a hand out to keep him from running away. And I was delighted he hung around for a little while, with that little encouragement from me.

Of course he was wary of me, a strange giant to his little eye. But after a while he came to sit on my finger once and allowed me to touch him before he darted away.

What a long tongue he’s got. And a lovely golden colour. Little beauty, to me.

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Sweetie the Lizard

A beauty, isn’t she. Black eyed beauty. I found her under an old fallen log in the woods after the rain and she was struck still, for a few shots. Little finger thick and five inches long her friends and relatives are more usually gone as soon as I lift the wood.

There is a certain pleasure in the silent communication that is in the meeting of two creatures, me and her, where no offense is given or received. A simple pleasure, a simple good found only in nature – in my experience.

It is also my experience that wanting, no matter what, leads to the trouble – the conflict of looking to what is not now. A fundamental division of being that is inevitably known as pain. To realise unity, being one, not two.

But, perhaps, having given up wanting enough, it is possible to want the simple good without the conflict of division. More a kind of realisation or acknowledgment than wanting.

Then how to want rightly, if such a thing can be. We’ll see.

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