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Green Adventurer

Is there such a thing as a lonesome Cricket?

I don’t think so. Where there’s one there’s a lot, usually. And besides, Crickets don’t get lonely, naturally. If one was to be experimented upon it might be ‘discovered’ what is being sought, but we don’t go to such unnecessary and neurotic extremes. Unnecessary to the simple beautiful sense of things.

In this field of long grass and other plants, weeds to some, were all this Crickets relatives, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters – maybe even their dads and mums. Big and small, and every size in between. Light and dark and various colour schemes, they were also all very different from each other. Just like us, in a way, the same but not.

Hopping from stem to leaf and ground and back again, it didn’t take much to disturb them in the sunlight or shadows of green. They weren’t used to people at all. A scramble to get out of the way of the big shadowy giant, me. I gave them a little time to see me and know no danger from me and so they did settle down and I could get a few shots.

Doesn’t mean they didn’t still hop around, since hopping, and eating, is what they do. To eat they hop, makes sense, to me. To hop they eat. With each hop a new discovery. I’ve seen they don’t very often know where they are going to land, so each hop is a voyage in the unknown, unknowable being, and unanticipatable circumstances – except that everything is changeable.

They also get to meet each other, and who knows how who meets who, a mystery. Chance? What’s that but inscrutable design, natural attraction of need to its fulfillment and round again. Since two have to meet to mate and make more Crickets for the next season of long grass, a wonder too. A hop and jump needed here, to make a future out of now. Being now it’s what comes, now. A little magic to the brew.

Each Cricket an adventurer, an adventure in living, the possibilities uncontained, except by form and circumstance made of yesterdays. Cricket is Cricket after all.

And one may show an unusual character, a little different in that he’s not showing anything – normal – at all.

See you later Cricket, me ole mate. ((:

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