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Luna …




tic, tic.

The moon is on the rise and with it the pressure of tide in all things, everything rises and falls with the coming and going of the moon.

Old time lunatic asylums were so named for the propensity of the inmates to agitate with the waxing of the moon. The moon acted on their mentality, pulled it out, magnified it.

The moon magnifies or activates what is already there, in the mind. What you acknowledge is what is there, more and more.

Be careful what you acknowledge, or you might end up a lunatic, tic, tic.

When the madness is gone there’s only the pressure.


Look up, see the milky light of the full disc on the cold dark blue sky.

The quiet emptiness, emptied of human mind.

What a beauty that is.

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Macro Day Six

It was a hot day today and after the rains there are few creatures about. At least you have to know where to find what is there, experience gives you that. I didn’t take many shots myself since I spent most of the time setting things up for the others because the little ones were not being very cooperative.

But never mind, we got some shots and I have more from earlier in the week that I’ll post later.


Human nature is combative, no surprise there since it comes through the instinctive species. Thing is though, the ‘species’ only do it when necessary for survival, reproduction rights or/and dominance of the herd.

Oops! That’s when people do it too, though often unnecessarily. But we don’t have to be ‘controlled’ by instinct anymore, do we?

Well, we do our best.


When nature presents something unusual or spectacular it usually means something and can readily be connected to a recent ‘event’. Nature is after all a reflection, to the degree the observer is grounded in sense.


Plenty of Grasshoppers and Clown spiders about in places.

The occasional Assassin Bug with prey – a caterpillar here, nearly sucked dry.

Mating Weevils in the forest.

And a Hibiscus Harlequin Bug, little beauty.

From today what recurs to me is ‘relax’, and be alert, by a focus of attention where it is necessary to do so. First by calming the body by ensuring enough oxygen through breath control, second by dropping the tension in the body, and third by taking control of what you give your attention to – sense. It’s simple.

And that is probably the most important exercise. Don’t forget to relax, by doing it when reminded.

What you attend to grows.


If you or anyone you know is genuinely interested in coming along for hands on experience of what and how I do what I do check these links : Macro Meditation Day, Macro Illustrated and Meditate, and email me at contact (at) beingmark (dot) com so you are on the list for mailouts. Put Macro Meditation Day in the subject line of any email.

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All the best.

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Macro Day Five

One more quiet relaxing day doing a bit of Meditation Macro was had by two, myself and Robert – who might post some of his pix later. The after effects of the floods and other things still keep some from making it.


It was a lovely day, not too hot, some cloud and no rain. We started it in the shade of the house surrounded by some living nature, with a simple and effective breathing technique to put the body at ease. Then a method of relaxation that helps dissolve tension of the mind. And a practical nuts and bolts form of meditation that helps consolidate the above and develops clarity of mind – more really an uncluttering of mind – by taking control of what we focus our attention on.

What to say about this day? There was a shine to it, inside. A clarity that allows the natural simple intelligence to shine through. It’s a simple practise to learn to do it.


If anyone is interested in coming along for hands on experience of what and how I do what I do check these links : Macro Meditation Day, Macro Illustrated and Meditate, and email me at contact (at) beingmark (dot) com so you are on the list for mailouts.


And a few pix from the day.

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Green Adventurer

Is there such a thing as a lonesome Cricket?

I don’t think so. Where there’s one there’s a lot, usually. And besides, Crickets don’t get lonely, naturally. If one was to be experimented upon it might be ‘discovered’ what is being sought, but we don’t go to such unnecessary and neurotic extremes. Unnecessary to the simple beautiful sense of things.

In this field of long grass and other plants, weeds to some, were all this Crickets relatives, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters – maybe even their dads and mums. Big and small, and every size in between. Light and dark and various colour schemes, they were also all very different from each other. Just like us, in a way, the same but not.

Hopping from stem to leaf and ground and back again, it didn’t take much to disturb them in the sunlight or shadows of green. They weren’t used to people at all. A scramble to get out of the way of the big shadowy giant, me. I gave them a little time to see me and know no danger from me and so they did settle down and I could get a few shots.

Doesn’t mean they didn’t still hop around, since hopping, and eating, is what they do. To eat they hop, makes sense, to me. To hop they eat. With each hop a new discovery. I’ve seen they don’t very often know where they are going to land, so each hop is a voyage in the unknown, unknowable being, and unanticipatable circumstances – except that everything is changeable.

They also get to meet each other, and who knows how who meets who, a mystery. Chance? What’s that but inscrutable design, natural attraction of need to its fulfillment and round again. Since two have to meet to mate and make more Crickets for the next season of long grass, a wonder too. A hop and jump needed here, to make a future out of now. Being now it’s what comes, now. A little magic to the brew.

Each Cricket an adventurer, an adventure in living, the possibilities uncontained, except by form and circumstance made of yesterdays. Cricket is Cricket after all.

And one may show an unusual character, a little different in that he’s not showing anything – normal – at all.

See you later Cricket, me ole mate. ((:

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Rainforest Recital

I came across the most incredible sight the other day. As I was carefully making my way through the rainforest, dodging the spider webs and water holes, I heard some strange sounds, like music but none I had ever heard before. It sounded distant but also seemed to be coming from behind a tree to my right, a few metres away.

I stopped dead in my tracks and as quietly as possible came upon the tree and rested my hand on it. I leaned out a bit to see around the tree and there in a clearing of grass, surrounded by fallen wood and other plants, stood an ant, and she was dancing. I know it was a she because she was so graceful. She was dancing a dance unlike any I had seen before. Amazing!

I hadn’t been spotted as I was quite still so had a look around and saw all these little creatures watching the dancing ant, an audience. What’s this then, insect culture? What a wonder to happen upon such a rare sight.

Were these then the little people of the forest that so many stories have referred to? Must be! Who else?


As I looked around I recognised some in the audience.

A neatly groomed Tufted Leopard Longhorn Beetle had climbed to the end of a stick overlooking the dancing ant and was waving his long horns in time with the music.

A Whiskered Weevil was sitting still on a nearby blade of grass, just listening as his antennae moved slowly in small circles.

A Sleek and Slim Waisted Zebra Wasp stood proud on her high perch and watched and listened intently, antennae twitching as the music rose up from the grass, source unseen.

A Giant Green Grasshopper sat safe on the side of a fallen log, absorbing the pure sense of this unusual rainforest scene.

And another kind of Ant, Golden Back, stuck to the spot, mesmerised by the magical ambience of it all in the fading afternoon light.

My attention wandered between the characters in this fairy like place and I was timelessly listening and seeing all that was there when a loud rasping sound went off in my ear.


I turned sharply to see what the cause of this sound was and there, looking down on me from the tree, not four inches from my nose, was the Countess Cicada, Matriarch of this little piece of rainforest.

Oooh! What a stern look she gave me. “What’s this, sneaking up on the little ones?” she said. “Why don’t you go about your concrete business and leave us foresters alone.”

“But I’m not a concreter” I said. “I’m a forester too, I’m just big for my size.”

“You don’t look like any forester I’ve seen before, are you sure you are a forester?”

“Well,,, I’d very much like to be”,  I said.

And she tut tutted at me. “You don’t know what you are saying, it’s dangerous being a forester, you could get eaten in seconds and no one would even know” she said in her rasping way. “Or get a broken leg and nobody to fix it.”  “But I can see you have some forester in you, why don’t you go tell the other concreters to be kinder to us little ones, that way you would become more like us too, if that’s what you want.” “You are just too big to be a forester anyway, but you can be more like us.”

“Ok” I said. “That makes sense, I’ll just go and tell the concreters how to be more kind to foresters and we’ll all be more like foresters.” So off I went to tell the good news to all the big concreters, but how?

I Know, I’ll ………… ((:


But it was all imagining, wasn’t it?

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A Little Colour

The Bee sleeps and the Aphid may be wary, instinctively so. How else could it be since they are not burdened with thinking or emotion. Wary is not emotion, it is an instinctive response of the body to the sense of danger the presence of an appropriate sized creature represents. Appropriately sized for eating Aphids.

Bees don’t eat Aphids but Aphids don’t know it.


Shiny green Katydid on the planet Frangipani with pink moon rising behind. Well, it could be a planet to an insect – the Frangipani tree. Didn’t stay still for long but long enough. Always enough even when the result is in the negative – no shot. What isn’t is imagination.


Grasshopper eyeing up the Marigold. They eat the flowers with a hearty appetite, must be the delicate beauty they are imbibing.

All in the sense of it and not a thought in the way? The long form of death.

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An Absence of Impatience

It’s Grasshopper time and the Crab Spider is enjoying the feast as it comes.

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Dusty trail, overflowing with green, damp humid in the tropical spring shade. Big dark ants crossing. I stopped to see what they were doing and it was the obvious, going somewhere. There were two kinds of ant here, big and small. The big ones had a certain character about them, a quiet strength. The smaller ones a quiet study.

In nature everything’s either going somewhere, doing something or doing nothing – being what it is – or just being.

Grasshopper is about too, about the house. A shy one this morning, trying to hide behind the green pole. Maybe his skittishness had something to do with its dented eye, the other one. I got him anyway. And there will be more. A season’s come. To go. Whatever that means.

Dragon’s flight is easy and unpredictable, predictably so. I followed him around the edge of the field, in and out of the bushes, to dam’s end. And off I went into the forest, to home, whatever that means. :) Home James!

Spider was hiding out on top of a flower, purple blue. She moved about at intervals, showing herself a patience, no thought. Sitting in silence, little spider being. Being spider.

An unusual bug climbed out of the forest of grass at my feet. I have never seen her kind before, soft, light and unthreatening nature. She wandered about the blades of tall grass, a rolling gait,  and I showed her about a few twigs.

A little wonder of the day. All going home. A pilgrimage indeed.

And a flower or two to mark the way.

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The Day …

… you no longer see me …
Or me.P1030072
Me too.P1380143
And me.P1380262
Me, me.P1380321

And here.P1380357

And meeee! Me, me, me, me!P1380431

Oi! Me too!P1380457

And meeeeeeee!P1380587
… is the day the pain from having shot yourself in the foot arrives in your consciousness. Then it’s too late for this time round. If you are quick you might see pain has a value. A spiritual value.

It serves the one and only purpose, to wake me up.

Ding, ding, ding! Hear it?

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