Nature's Place

Wooyung – Spring ’11

It’s a quiet place in N Eastern NSW, right next to Billinudgel NP, off the beaten track. There is a caravan park next to the beach where there is always a welcome from Chris and Lutz. I stayed in the caravan park from where it was a short walk to the beach with the continuous ebb and flow of the ocean surf, and dangerous rip currents – not usually for swimming in. And literally across the road to the BNP where I found the creatures for the pix in this post.

At night the only sound was the surf breaking up on the sand, and the only light the stars in the sky. I’ll be going back. It was a lovely quiet natureful place and I trust it is still there in the future. Out of the way places like this that aren’t very far from amenities are not easy to find.


It rained for a day or two but that only meant I had to do things differently on those days, shooting in the shelter of the open garage with things arranged for the simplicity of process.

Simplicity, has a nice ring to it.


This Cricket (to me) was awake early and was attracted to the warmth of my hand so it was a constant game to keep it in view without my fingers getting in the way. Though, as you can see, I gave in eventually.

Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge