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Banana Drama …

1-P1140243_filtered Mark Berkery

Aggression as communication. Occasionally the giant beetle glanced in the ants direction. Well aware of each other.

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2-P1140256_filtered Mark Berkery

Aware but not intimidated, armoured as she is. The ants were focussed on the beetle as she continued eating regardless.

2-P1140438_filtered Mark Berkery

The ants settled down and now and then one would come to inspect the giant, perhaps to bathe in its quiet presence.

1-P1140527_filtered Mark Berkery

At some point it all got disturbed and the beetle came to life, other than eating, and I got a few shots for the record.

The Chafer Beetles have had their fill, only one to the fermenting banana this week, and only for a day or so.

The little black ants are also retreating from the cold, plus it has been overcast for a couple days, so colder too.

Had a look just after sundown and there was a Gecko lapping up the banana juice, may account for the missing beetles.

Quite an active little world, the railing on the veranda.

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