Nature's Place

Introducing …

… variations in form, of one life.

Wild, instinctive little biological robots at work and play, or just being what they are.

P1150578_Mark Berkery_filtered

Jumping Spider sitting on bamboo stake, overseeing …

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P1160567_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Chafer – Flower – Beetle, belatedly found the one piece of banana in the garden.

P1160434_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Weevil on the orange, on a bamboo stake.

P1160431_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Tiny female Fly laying into the ageing lemon on a stake.

P1160532_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Daisies, a popular roost for flies at night. This one preening after a good poo, like people do.

P1160387_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Tiny Bee roosting on the aromatic dried out Basil.

P1160506_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Injured or deformed Hopper, same spot for a week. The one on the left is how they look normally.

And not one problem between them … evidently.

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Travelling Ant

P1140977_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

P1140972_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Out on my wandering in the local byways I often come across something unique, that I only ever see once.

As I was crossing this fallen – with a little help – fence I noticed there was an occupant of unusual character.

The ant, a kind I haven’t seen before, was using the fence line as a highway across the otherwise difficult terrain and appeared in no hurry.

It had been dry for a few days so I wet the line where the ant would pass and when they met it stopped to take a sip. Free moisture can be a rarity in the wild.

An ant might travel the equivalent of many miles for a drink, but not today. Manna from the sky, and it clearly enjoyed it, stopping to sip a while before resuming its journey.

I could wonder where that ant was going but I know already. It’s going home, if it’s not already there.

Small, instinctive, non self reflective mind.

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All Sorts …

… from the garden and beyond. Some creatures are only ever seen once, or stop only long enough for one shot. These are a few of those.

If you’re into macro it pays to let the garden manage itself as much as possible. It may take time but it takes time for life cycles to establish and creatures to emerge, whatever the season.

Plant them, feed them, prune them, move them but otherwise let things be as much as possible – whatever you do don’t poison them, if you can help it. Works for me.

P1160265_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Creature of the darkness … Longhorn beetle, favoured the dried out stems for a few nights.

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P1080981_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Ant takes time out of its solitary patrol to preen. A few seconds and it was on its way again.

P1160121_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Assassin Bug nymph, shelters under the red flower during the day and hunts at night – lately.

P1160105_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Plant Hopper, looks all bent but it may be moulting – a long time at it.

P1100150_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Click Beetle up on a leaf in the dead of night, shows up once in a blue moon.

P1150360_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Male Lynx spider, caught a fruit-fly meal on a decaying lemon staked in the garden.

P1090016_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Teddy Bear Weevil? Soft and gentle looking. On a post in the car park of the local rainforest remnant.

P1150209_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Bluebottle in the garden,  they don’t stop long at all for a shot.

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Life On A Lemon

P1150912_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Him – with the longest front legs, on a lemon.

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P1150113_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Her, on an orange.

P1150713_filtered Mark Berkery

It on my finger. Every time I tried from the side it turned away.

P1150364_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

She is actually laying beneath the skin here. He appears to be guarding, attending her.

P1150244_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

It got crowded on the lemon after a while.

P1150558_Mark Berkery_filtered

Alone at last.

P1150589_Mark Berkery_filtered

Oh, oh … here comes trouble.

P1150591_filtered Mark Berkery

Two males fighting over a female, antennae and legs flailing. Not the best but the only shot.

P1150095_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

For a change, she appears to seek him out.

These little things, about a centimetre long, are living out their lives on an ageing lemon in the garden, on a bamboo stake. They are attracted to something about the decaying fruit, mold, fungus or/and other qualities not discernible to me.

They live on similarly decaying oranges, and the occasional banana – I have a veritable orchard staked in the garden, all good fun – just to attract the faeries from the bottom of the garden.

Did you know the faeries are insects? Yes, that’s the form they take. And some take no sensible form, preferring the fleetness and relative safety of the insubstantial. Each has its advantages.

The point is though, these creatures of story are in your garden too, if only you look to see, and not to judge. No need for any psychic nonsense either, they are detectable by the senses.

And the wonder of it is sense makes more sense, no nonsense.

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Crucified …

P1130220_filtered Mark Berkery

A kind of Beetle only found on the pink Crucifix Orchid, so far. Surveying her domain.

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P1150175_Mark Berkery_filtered

She loves a good feed of the freshest buds, both with a colourful heart.

P1150288_Mark Berkery_filtered

Aware too of the photographer, just doesn’t know me by name.

P1140916_Mark Berkery_filtered

Disappearing for days at a time she comes and goes by her own nature’s design.

P1150024_Mark Berkery_filtered

Looking good in her yellow jacket, a warning to some perhaps. Pretty on pink …

P1150221_Mark Berkery_filtered

Always climbing back up towards the light, where the freshest buds are found.

The rain came followed by a cold snap, here in a sub tropical Brisbane winter, and must have driven all the small creatures into the depths for survival. Those it didn’t kill.

Such is nature, everything in constant flux, no rest in any condition for too long. And of course the weather can be reflective of what’s inside, if you can see it.

Rain to wash away the dust of seasons past, cold to wake you up or knock you down. Nature doesn’t care one way or another, or cares for all the same.

So, Beetle or man, you shake it off or take it on, rise up and start another day.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look