Nature's Place

Introducing …

… variations in form, of one life.

Wild, instinctive little biological robots at work and play, or just being what they are.

P1150578_Mark Berkery_filtered

Jumping Spider sitting on bamboo stake, overseeing …

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P1160567_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Chafer – Flower – Beetle, belatedly found the one piece of banana in the garden.

P1160434_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Weevil on the orange, on a bamboo stake.

P1160431_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Tiny female Fly laying into the ageing lemon on a stake.

P1160532_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Daisies, a popular roost for flies at night. This one preening after a good poo, like people do.

P1160387_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Tiny Bee roosting on the aromatic dried out Basil.

P1160506_Mark Berkery_filtered NI_2

Injured or deformed Hopper, same spot for a week. The one on the left is how they look normally.

And not one problem between them … evidently.

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