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Emergence …

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Then it quickly found it’s legs and ran up the tree towards the light, away from the shadow of my lens, born again again.

Walking the edge of the water treatment plant, that borders the local wilds, I saw a strange – even to these experienced eyes – thing.

I couldn’t make it out at first, it looked so oddly shaped, but after a few shots – so I could see closer – it became apparent it was a form of Shield-bug, in the midst of a rarely observed transition.

They outgrow their shell, exoskeleton actually, and periodically have to moult – usually there is a split along the back through which the new form pushes out. A very dangerous time for them, being immobile for the duration and soft, vulnerable – to some degree held back by the tight fit of the old skin.

Springtime is here again and small creatures are emerging everywhere. At first in smaller size, visible by their increasing numbers. With spiders hatching in the hundreds, a feasting of expendable form, everything is living off something else.

A cascade of life and death begins, by which another emergence takes place, those relative few that live to maturity, who make up the cast of earthy characters.

… and I’ll probably get a few pictures of this burgeoning operatic show.

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