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Dragon Salad


Mmmm, greens …

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Didn’t have the gear for a full body shot, about 50cm long, tip to tail.


Full head shot, including the ear on left, and armour behind it.


Eye spy, from 2 inches away. She didn’t mind, though I was ready to withdraw my hand the camera was first in line.


The other eye, left side, down where the turkeys went.


Ear armour, not to be taken lightly by a would-be attacker – dogs for instance, or turkeys.


Belly armour, from the side.


Belly armour from above.


Hind leg, she is well protected.


Manicure madam? Where we get our sci-fi creatures from …


Tip of the tail, modular structure, dispensable.

My eye was on the two bush turkeys running ahead, disturbed by my approaching form. So I nearly missed the dragon sitting motionless at my feet.

The afternoon sun was hot at my back and the area sheltered by trees from any wind, great spot for a cold blooded animal to warm up.

She sat on the dry track, still and unmoved – not a flicker of recognition I was there – with a little greenery hanging out her mouth.

We are just moving into late spring/early summer proper and the cold creatures are waking up to a new year.

The season is picking up a pace, though still cool enough from winter’s recess to enjoy the contrast.

One of the simple pleasures of being alive in nature, the sense of it, in the space of it.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look