Nature's Place


… or Lillith.

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The old stories of Lilith being a demonic seducer of men who also stole and ate babies, and other such nonsense, are from men who lived in fear or ignorance of their own nature and failed to understand the purpose of what beset them, and so couldn’t be responsible for their love. It’s the same today.

All nature is sexual – meaning its first function is to reproduce, what life on earth does. And every living wonder flows from that. That’s the fact. Which does suggest there might be more to love between man and woman than making babies.

This nature is every mans and womans, and what sets us apart from the rest is a spiritual spark, the capacity for self reflection directed by the imperative to improve. Spiritual being the imperative of negation consciously engaged, dis-identification with what passes, eventually.

It’s the way it is. Evolution is not in progress ‘out here’, it is in the negation of identity, divining original space by an act of attention, or will. No religion here.

The rest is practise, of right action, within and without, under the guidance of one who has already done it.

The mystery is something else, the mother, or father, of light, or dark, behind.

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