Nature's Place

Endeavour …

A little green on reflected cloudy blue sky, water. Struggling to keep above and breathing. I lent a stick.

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And on the edge of this life’s scene sits frog, waiting for a juicy green meal. If one comes his way, but maybe not today.

No, not this one, this time … she still has water on her chin and holding down one antennae, but she’s on the way.

Ever attentive frog, never knowing where or when the next meal, or mate, may be. But follow the signs, there be …

… and there it be, if only we could see. And off she goes, antennae untangled, gait picking up a pace, striding out.

And the ever vigilant frog, sees much by sitting still. But green beetle is not for frog this day, not today o lord.

Today is time to climb the peaks, see what’s to be seen above and beyond. If there’s anything there at all …

And frog doesn’t give up either, in his way. Frogs way is not the way of green beetle, different and the same.

Different peaks, same climb … to live and die and evolve, just may be … and nothing to see actually looks beautiful, blue.

But what’s this, another frog … is there any respite from frog, for a green beetle? As long as beetle keeps climbing.

But, but, what’s this? You said … there’s danger at every turn. And you never know what direction life’s coming from.

… not the ship, the state if you like, of being behind the happening. Of never giving up, like life …
This little green beauty was struggling in the water, so I helped her out.
At first she was quiet and immobile, from the exertions of survival probably.
But it didn’t take long for her to wake up to the possibilities and recover her strength.
She was away, hither and thither, exploring her newly recovered life, on a stick.
At some point I let her away onto the greenery and she wandered off into the nature.
Then I saw it, the little tree frog, from another time, night time …
… and what’s that under the leaf she stands upon, one more battle …
… to win or lose, who knows what may be.
© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look