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A Few Flies More

Sleepy fly on a herb seed pod in the nighttime garden.

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Hungry fly, waiting by my lunch on the table on the veranda.

Came into the open bathroom at night, confused by the light.

Wandered around the stick a while and at one point …

… ended upside down on the floor. One confused fly, until I turned out the light.

And where there’s flies … come into my arms dear juicy one. … The garden is awash with webs in the morning, always walking into them.

The soft fruit and veg farmers favourite, fruit fly. … Guaranteed to devastate any crop but here enjoying the spent dew soaked butterfly bush flowers.

Can’t keep a good fruit fly down. Too dry for them now though, and nothing fresh in the garden to easily eat, yet. Pawpaw on the way.

After the possum feed the cockroaches (and rodents) get the crumbs. The geckos know this and get a few cockroaches, then leave little presents for the flies inclined to so feast.

Geckos leave a distinct signature, a white tip to their presents. It’s how the flies know where it came from … well, I know.

And this little fellow, all of 6mm long must be, on the bonsai moreton bay fig tree. Could barely see it unmoving, and then it was gone. Only on the mini fig tree.

Everything in its place … more or less. 

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