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Odd Fellows

Bug on a seedpod in the local bush, always found on this same plant, protected by design.

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Hopper of a kind. Fell from a tree in the wild garden onto my arm, a forest of another kind.

I leave butterfly’s to lay in the garden, even growing greenery just for them. And some days the place is full of new ones.

The witchitty grubs are getting at the roots of the butterfly bush plants, but still enough flowering for these tiny midges.

Another bug caught at a meal of pollen. Messy table manners, but also a way to carry a little food for later.

Another little hopper from the garden. They all have their season, coming and going according to conditions only they know.

Called a soldier fly I think, resting on the fridge outdoors downstairs. It’s interesting the creatures that come and go.

A wasp I believe, though haven’t seen it before this summer. Hanging around the orange tail resin bee hotel – lovely blue eyes.

The one blue banded bee, it slept in the same spot for two months then disappeared one night. Such is life, and death …

It has been unusually dry this summer and even the bees, who have protected hives, aren’t coming out this year in any numbers. A few showed up earlier in the season but the hives have been quiet since.

Maybe after a little rain things will change, we’ll see. It seems to have arrived in the last couple days but will take some time to have its effect on most of the smaller life forms.

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