Nature's Place

Times Passed

Wolf spider, sitting exposed and undisturbed on an upturned shoe outside the back door.

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As soon as the door was opened she made to enter but that can’t be. Her place is outside.

Frisky little beetle, wouldn’t keep still. Flash of blue, all dressed in green. Places to go, things to do.

Clean those wings, polish those antennae, test those muscles for impending flight. Off to the ball.

Plain green beetle also stepping out, exploring the multi-purpose stick I keep for the occasions.

Stepping out and stepping up … can’t keep a good green beetle down. Off into the wild green growth.

In between seasons here, some flowerings at winters end have been cultivated. But I can’t cultivate the mobile and flying creatures beyond providing food and habitat. Then they come or go by a will not mine.

Something of a reformation really, of constituent elements, viewed through a fresh perspective. Since time as past has passed. Nothing ever really repeats. It only looks that way to the eye jaded by familiarity.

Lucky we have the seasons to remind us, nothing stays the same for long. It takes a brightness of being – without thinking or emotion, the psychological self – to discriminate and appreciate.

So here’s some past come once more, in images taken then, not now. And we’ll see what happens next as the garden reaches into spring.

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