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Those Magnificent Flies …

Flies are all that’s about in the garden lately.

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A new garden, with widespread danger for little ones.

Clearly these are tough little flies. Magnificently shaped to fit this garden.

Long may they reign. For if these guys succumb to the love being sprayed about there’ll be nothing left to shoot.

New location, old contacts.

In the new, looking at the old. What works.

It’s a practical existence after all, requiring practical thinking.

No room to get emotional, about flies, or any other living and loving thing.

And who says things don’t love. Love is in being in existence, love is being in existence.

All things love being in existence, or they wouldn’t be. It’s love that attracts things to being.

In existence. Love is existence attracting things to be. So it’s all love, existence, being and things.

I reckon … It’s not meant to make sense. Today. :-)

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