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Mother Love

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A bit of luck, a surviving crab spider in the garden. And another much smaller one, possibly offspring, possibly a mate, possibly … Staking out a nearby flower, stalking, hunting, hungry.

It’s not uncommon to find the offspring of any creature living near its mother and birthplace, though it’s probably ‘every creature for itself’ after a certain age, the age of leaving the protective embrace of mother’s love.

Mother also has another love, or lover. Him, that helps make the babies for mother to love, and leave. The mother of spiders is often much bigger than the father. Obviously, she has the bigger job to do. He not so much, often just coming and going.

So, not being an expert on spider matters, the story is open to make it up as we go. What spider may be. Free of the encumbrance of past designs.

Love of another kind, letting go the way we were, to fit to a pattern we no longer weave.

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