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Dusty trail, overflowing with green, damp humid in the tropical spring shade. Big dark ants crossing. I stopped to see what they were doing and it was the obvious, going somewhere. There were two kinds of ant here, big and small. The big ones had a certain character about them, a quiet strength. The smaller ones a quiet study.

In nature everything’s either going somewhere, doing something or doing nothing – being what it is – or just being.

Grasshopper is about too, about the house. A shy one this morning, trying to hide behind the green pole. Maybe his skittishness had something to do with its dented eye, the other one. I got him anyway. And there will be more. A season’s come. To go. Whatever that means.

Dragon’s flight is easy and unpredictable, predictably so. I followed him around the edge of the field, in and out of the bushes, to dam’s end. And off I went into the forest, to home, whatever that means. :) Home James!

Spider was hiding out on top of a flower, purple blue. She moved about at intervals, showing herself a patience, no thought. Sitting in silence, little spider being. Being spider.

An unusual bug climbed out of the forest of grass at my feet. I have never seen her kind before, soft, light and unthreatening nature. She wandered about the blades of tall grass, a rolling gait,  and I showed her about a few twigs.

A little wonder of the day. All going home. A pilgrimage indeed.

And a flower or two to mark the way.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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  1. Karen of morningjoy said, on 20/09/2009 at 8:21 am

    Oh, the marvels you reveal through your excellent macro photography. Totally relaxing.

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