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Visitors from inner space, beauty, light, colour, form and function. Magnificent intelligence.
The frogs have been having a ball. No, that’s a banquet. The last time I saw the frogs dancing was with the plague of locusts last summer’s end. They were having a barbecue and dance down by the old water tank. That was a sensational ball. Really!

Spider stayed home that night.


What’s real? What’s in my experience and how I perceive it, its significance. Or, what I sense.

Everything else is distraction or entertainment.
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New Wave


The recent wave of Dragonflies peaked about a week ago. They came with the first wave of heat as the summer got under way, appearing in one’s and two’s until they were uncountable in places at times. And then they just disappeared with only the occasional one showing up in the usual places. Then the rain came and it even got cold again on one or two nights.

Just as the wave of water rises before it breaks on the shore, so the wave of Dragonflies rose and broke on the shore of the fact of living, every body dies. Existence is a wave of form carried on the light of intelligence. Everything happens in waves. I am a wave, you are a wave. All waves break, what matters is the intelligence that keeps them coming. That intelligence is now, in sense.


It has been sunny and hot for a couple of days now. I stopped on the way home to go for a walk on the beach in Wooyung late this afternoon. It’s a particular place where there is a walk through the bush before coming to the ocean. I went for a walk, leaving the ‘Photographer’ in the boot as has become my habit, and the first thing I noticed was all the young Dragonflies. One, the light yellow and white, the other a deep dark red.


There is a new wave of Dragons, young Dragons, a fraction the size of the ones I came upon first this year. And other little creatures.

On the way to the beach I stopped to inspect a clump of low growing eucalypt. It has been populated in the past by various creatures and today was no exception. There were hundreds of the bright yellow and red ladybugs with the black markings, and a few different kinds of grasshopper. A new wave of life.

The ladybugs were all over me in a short while and I had to pick a few off. If you ever pick one up you may notice they immediately seek the high ground, the tip of my finger in this case, from where they usually open their wing casings, spread their wings and take off. It’s a wonder to watch up close. Delightful, colourful slow motion creatures.


When I got to the beach the Dragons were everywhere, and lively, as the sun was about to set. All the tiny flying creatures, gnats, midges and a myriad others I will never know that use the cool of the setting suns shade to exercise their flying nature. These young Dragons didn’t stand still at all, flitting from perch to perch with no obvious pattern to it, feeding on the bounty rising from the ground cover as the day turns to night. Another wave.

I got to see the Dragons close enough to appreciate the beautifully designed architecture and lovely colouring. I was closely inspecting a yellow one that had settled on a twig about waist height and as I got to within a foot or so a young red one came and tumbled with the yellow one in a flash of colour and wings. The yellow one wasn’t taking it too seriously, it wasn’t an attack. It was more like playing or teasing and the red one went on its way very soon after. It is a wonder to see Dragons play, a privilege really.

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Fly Posting


No, not insects through the mail. Putting up A4 notices where people will have them and see them. I’ve been doing it for the talks I am giving in Brunswick Heads and I get a good reception almost everywhere I go. I meet some people who say they need what I have but them showing up at a talk is another matter.

I enjoy talking to the different people though, about the quality of the honey or the birds in the aviary at the lovely old nook of a fruit and veg shop on the Murwillumbah side of the Burringbar Ranges. The birds were excited to see me and I was really delighted to make acquaintances. One danced for my attention and when I went to take his picture he kept ducking out of the frame. Then he whistled at me, delightful cheeky spirit, reminded me of one of the young girls on the school bus. Still bright in me.

Or the lady at the ladies clothes shop in Murwillumbah where every item is a one off, the racks are delightfully colourful and feminine. And my flyer was placed uncluttered on a crowded board.

The lady at the Environment shop put one up for me and the fellow took a couple to put up elsewhere.

Or the coffee shop near the bridge where the young daughter is going to have a bath of lime and raspberry tea while drinking a cup of it with a little honey. Lovely aroma.

And the organic shop where the young woman showed an unusual appreciation for what I am doing.

The lady sweet, and the man in the crystal shop wished me good luck with what I’m doing, and meant it.

The bookshop where a young woman of presence welcomed me on my first day flyering. The simple presence symbolic to me.

Many other places too. Fruit and veg shops in Pottsville, the mechanics in Burringbar, the doctors in Mullumbimby, the gallery in Stokers Siding and many other notice boards.

All little encouragements, little helping angels, to me.

It has been a pleasure. And though it looks like I might be heading for a city sometime soon I’m not finished here yet.


What a sweet smell there is in the air today, and tonight. A reminder of a place of beauty, inside. Something wonderful is happening in the bush.
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Rain, Rain, Here it Comes Again



Lots of it. Water falling from the sky. Walking in the nature. So refreshing, just the sense of it. Dripping, splashing, lovely cool wet, wet water.

The frogs are back late this year since the insect season has only just started in earnest with the recent warming of the weather. They are to be heard everywhere, day and night. It is lovely to see them hunting around the house and often sitting on the glass of the doors to the living room. Quiet little green tree frogs.

There is one frog down by the old water tank and I think it is a Pobblebonk, funny name that. I saw a few here last year but I have no recent frog photo’s. It has a call that sounds like a plonk – short deep, hollow wooden sound. It has been calling from dusk till dawn for a week or so now. Until tonight that is, maybe a mate has found him? Or a snake.

Out in the forest the frogs are calling to each other wherever there is water pooled, which is almost everywhere right now. The calls are so varied, there is the common croaking nideep – nideep, a chirruping, plonking and many other calls indescribable. It is a real chorus in places, a symphony of the many voices of frog.

Rain thundering on my roof now, frogs calling, sweet sound to me. The storm began in earnest a little while ago and passed right over the house. It poured down and cracked and flashed mightily with great thunder and lightning.

Out went the lights and the computer. In came the cat with her tail tucked down, hugging close to the ground with not a word from her who is usually so talkative.

Here comes another wave of storm, flashing and crashing and splashing as it gets closer. So refreshing to me tucked up in the warm dry house. So intensely sense.
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The last couple days there have been some colourful visitors to the house. An unusual black and orange wasp, an opalescent beetle and a kind of mantis or mantis mimic. A little colour from the deep psyche where light and beauty begin to take on wondrous form.

The orange wasp was the first to appear. It was on the end of a metal wire hanging from the ceiling of the shed. I wondered what it was doing there since there was obviously no food to be had and from the web I could see this was spider territory. Then it occurred to me, some wasps attack spiders and paralyse them with a sting and carry them off to a prepared nesting site where the wasp lays an egg or something on it to feed as it grows then seals the chamber and flies away on more wasp business. Ingenious, and it’s back again today in the same spot. I wonder why.

I’ll have to go and watch it for a while. But cautiously, this wasp is like others in my experience. It doesn’t like me to get too close. And I have to respect its intelligently defensive nature.


The beetle appeared after sunset last night. It was attracted to the light I leave on to keep insects from coming to the lights of the house and getting in. It didn’t work last night there was so many beetles. The frogs must have had a ball though, signs of much eating left on the shed floor, insect shells.

I cleared a few of the opal beetles from the sink this morning and brought them to the table outside, alive and kicking. I shot them in the morning light of the sun filtered through passing clouds but the opalescence didn’t show in the image. I saw one of them as it shit a dark liquid and just then it lifted its carapace and spread its wings and flew off in the direction of the sun, towards me. As it did I was splashed by this dark liquid, the price of a photo.


When I went to the car this afternoon to put the camera in the boot I saw what looks like a praying mantis but I’ve never seen one like this before, with the colour and the wings and size. I’ve seen shades of green and grey and camouflage but not this one. It might be a mimic to protect it from other creatures, I have seen a picture of a wasp that mimics the mantis but those front arms look potent to me, big and strong, authentic. Amazing little creatures.

I went to the nearby forest for a walk and the mantis was still on the rear windscreen when I got there, and when I got back. I didn’t go fast. It’s still there as the sun goes down and I write this.
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Shape Shifter



There is a plant flowering in a clearing in the nearby forest right now. A tall slender stemmed plant with bunches of small white flowers at the end of each branch, not many branches. It has a strong and unusual smell and attracts many small insects, beetles, flies etc. And some larger insects like the butterfly and moth.

On every bunch of flowers there is at least one white crab spider and a couple of other kinds of spider too. The crab spider is so called because of how it preys, or prays, sitting with front legs spread like the claws of a crab, waiting for something to come within grasping range. It is also nearly invisible, white against white, and seems to be able to vary its shade of colour for camouflage.

One of the other spiders appears to pounce on its prey, another moves directly across the distance to grasp and bite with lightning speed. Not much escapes the wily spider.


I have noticed some things about spiders, the thread they make is not just to ensnare the unlucky bug in a web, it is also for travelling on, and a lifeline for when knocked off or jumping off the security of the solid nature.

It communicates to the spider through vibration what’s going on at the other end of it. The spider probably recognises the correct signal for prey of varying kinds – too small or big. If you left click it and open it in another tab and left click it again you can see on the first picture of the spider its second ‘foot’ isn’t resting on the flower, it’s resting or ‘feeling’ on the thread. There are also signs of a network of thread there, as there are on the flowers in most of the other pictures.

The thread is also for casting, like a fishing line, to take the spider to new ground or to find a hook – by sticking to some other structure so it can start building a web, or as an anchor against being blown away in the wind. Guide rails, anchor, safety ropes and fishing line as well as a net and telegraph. I understand some spiders also use a denser, more visible weave in their web, a zigzag pattern, often in the shape of an X to warn and attract. I have also seen them eat their own web when it is destroyed – waste not – want not.

I see it all as an expression of the magnificent intelligence behind.


There was one flying insect about the size of a mosquito that displayed unusual behaviour when approaching the flower heads from above. It behaved as if it was about to land on the flowers and just before it touched down up it rose again. It looked as if it was bouncing in slow motion off the surface but without touching it.

It performed this manoeuvre many times before actually landing which would serve to draw any waiting spider out of hiding – hiding can be just not moving when the spider is the same colour as the flower. Often the only way to know something is there is if it moves.

That’s all intelligence too, that’s Nature.


There is an equivalence of the spider in human nature – but emotionalised. There always is since we came ‘up’ through the species and the knowledge of the being of spider – or anything else – is within. Nature is a reflection of my nature and in most people one aspect or another can manifest at times. Have you ever noticed some people display characteristics of different creatures? I met a mouse-like person recently.

I have recently – unavoidably – had dealings over a period of time with a man of position who is sometimes overtaken by a spider-like nature – the ‘right’ vibration strikes the vicious – emotionalised attack complex – snatch and bite and bind – if it can. He has also displayed other less predatory characteristics in various disguises, shape-shifting according to the prevailing wind of mind. He knows the pain of it too. But not enough to do anything effective about it, yet.

That’s Human nature. Tricky stuff, to be handled with caution. And what man isn’t a tricky fellow at some time? Everybody has it, more or less.

Everybody is also of the divine and thank god for that, the God nature – or whatever it’s called. Really, and for being able to see it because seeing it enough frees me of the sticky binding of tricky emotion.
Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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The ‘Photographer’

Golden Dragonfly

Yellow Dragonfly and Colourful Friends


It’s not a he or a she, the ‘Photographer’. It’s an id-entity. An entity from the id – the subconscious, constructed out of the need of expression in that form and the experience of it.

The ‘Photographer’ is the one that picks the equipment I will take with me today, according to the prevailing and anticipated conditions for the predictable nature. It decides where to go for the best possibility of something to shoot according to what is known. It’s the one that is always looking out for the elusive Dragonfly, and when one shows up it’s the ‘Photographer’ that checks exposure and tries all sorts of settings and positions to capture the image – beautifully.

The photographer is a part of what I am when I am that but if given too much time or space it stresses about the process, a wanting gets in, and the pure sense of nature gets left out of it. It’s a matter of balance – isn’t it all.


I have found it of great benefit lately to leave the photographer behind when I go walking in the nearby bush. Now I often leave it in the boot of the car and only when I have done being in the purity of nature do I let it out, to keep it in its place – always secondary.

I began this practice in earnest recently and it was lovely not having it sitting on my shoulder looking for the shot. I laughed once more at the simple pleasure simply being in nature is. At the contrast of one to the other, fresh in my experience.


A little way down the track I saw the colourful Dragon I – the photographer – have wanted to get a good shot of. No camera, what a relief. Just the sense of it all.

I stopped to look at the creature where it had perched and it moved a couple of times but came back to a spot I could easily approach. I got down on my hunkers and sat looking at her for a while, seeing the detail of what I could see. Then it occurred to me to offer the working end of my walking stick for a perch. I put it within a few inches of the Dragon and after a few seconds she came and sat on the end of the stick. Amazing.

She sat there a while and slowly I drew her close so I could see better – I had my looking glasses on. I brought her to within five or six inches of my eye and saw her as never before. This beautiful wild life had come to say hello. Hello lady Dragonfly.

That’s what happens when I leave the id-entity behind, nature acknowledges her own – being nature.


What do you call your id-entity? The identity – the form I am attached to – will always try to put an image first – as some thought or emotion. I just leave it in the boot a lot of the time now. And if it climbs out as thought about something I don’t need to think about back in it goes – by focusing on the sense-ation.


When I got back to the car I got the ‘Photographer’ out of the boot and took it for a short walk down another track into the bush. The first thing that happened was three Dragons appeared in the space before me and danced in the air, as they do, chasing one another around. Two of them took off and the third patrolled the area and frequently came to check me out, within two feet of me many times, hovering there, directly facing me.

A faster focusing camera with wing-beat speed and rhythm sensing and good low light performance, programmable for point of focus relative to the beat sensed and dof, could have caught some terrific photos. That’s the ‘Photographer’ talking, a wishful one.

I stood looking at her flying around, and around me, and planted my stick in the soft sandy ground and stepped away from it in case she would land on it as one has done before. She didn’t and I walked on as she went about her business.

Ten metres down the trail she, or another just like her, came and perched on a branch at about head height and just a few feet away. The position was easy on the back but wasn’t the best for lighting so the photographer had to work at it. But what the heck, that’s what ‘Photographers’ are supposed to do.


I left the photographer in the boot again today and came across a lone dragonfly, nothing else in sight. He was perched in the gum bush as the sun was going down and he was a beauty. A larger Dragon than I have seen before this year, looking mature in colour, and robust. His sandy stone-grey eyes unusual in my experience.

I approached with customary care but he didn’t seem to mind me at all. I got within a few inches to admire the magnificent design and reflect on the simple intelligence behind. A perfect Dragon, undamaged and in his prime I would say.

When I reached out with my finger to within an inch he made no move, so I touched his wing and he still didn’t move. The material of the wing was almost invisible to my touch it was that soft and giving. Then he flew away.
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School Bus Driver

Violet Angel

Violet Angel

I stopped being one recently, a school bus driver.

And the birds are travelling with me now. At the last stop on the last day of me being a school bus driver an Ibis took flight from the kerbside and led the bus down the road for a bit. I eased off the pedal to give it some space. Young Max was delighted too. Goodbye bus driving. Goodbye kids.

It was a discipline driving the school bus, for me and some of the kids, particularly some of the older boys – one is the reciprocal of the other. But, eventually, the dark entity that was in the back of the bus when I took over the run either gave up or was kicked off, rightly so. Not with aggression or indifference but with understanding and knowing what I don’t want – won’t tolerate. And with a view to demonstrating you don’t get away with bad attitude in this world, it has consequences and it can be given up – while they are still young enough to be able to do it relatively easily. I also had angelic helpers in the form of the little ones, mostly the girls but significantly some younger boys, if only in their presence.

That’s what I call the spiritual life. The ordinary everyday work done properly – without giving in to any negativity of mind – mine or anyone else’s – the best I can. And acknowledging the simple good in one way or another.

I left the bus in order and peace – as within – more or less. Right on time. A significant job done, for now.
Copyright reserved / Mark Berkery

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System Failure

Rosella at Sunset

Rosella at Sunset

I got home the other afternoon and that’s what I saw on my computer screen four days before I was to give my first public talk, system failure. The modem had burnt out. I tried for a while to fix it but soon got the message; it really is dead. But it’s just the old system and in the death of the old the new is born.

I had been thinking about getting a new system anyway, mine is too old, too slow for the latest size files for uploading and processing. Then I remembered recently saying to life; “Take whatever is necessary to make me more pure.” I let it go – the modem and thoughts of fixing the system – next week is soon enough.

That’s a prayer that was once suggested to me by a man who cared enough to know the power of it, he cared enough to love. When I am sincere enough life will take whatever is necessary, whenever it is necessary.

I needed to slow down a bit, obviously. 56kbs was travelling too fast, at the time. The birds had been telling me for a week.


The birds have been crossing my path at every turn, while driving the bus or car or just walking along, slowing me down. Saying; look at me, take heed. Birds, the messengers of the gods, go anywhere, see everything birds. Beautiful characterful birds. Red, yellow and blue Rosellas, boisterous Galahs, screeching Rainbow Lorikeets, sweet and swift soft speaking House Martins, beautiful black – white eyed Crows, groups of red cheeked Finches, neon blue Tits and family, and Birds of Prey.

Birds of prayer, to me. Born of the divine. I love Thee.


The reflection of the sun on the windshields of the cars was exceptionally beautiful yesterday as I drove the school bus into Mullumbimby for the last time. A blazing sparkle of a silver white beauty with maybe just a hint of gold. And no glare, extraordinary.
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