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Apparently scientists have discovered the missing link in a fossil, named Ida after one of their daughters, indicative that. It took them years of inspection through powerful looking devices to find the growth on her wrist that indicated she had broken it at some time in her short life, 50 million years ago. Then they found a bone in her foot that may tell them something more, she is our ancestor. Or may not.

All good fun? They are seriously excited about it because they are the first. And so they think they are important. In a way they are since their ‘discovery’ is significant in a more important sense. The inner sense. But they don’t really matter; it is the discovery that matters, but only in its significance.

To have found this link in sense means there is now enough energy in the human psyche to ‘go back’ to an important point of origion, to undo what man has done or become. As a realisation. It is a form of negation indicative of mans inner evolution of which the outer is only significant. Symbolic of the inner journey, back home.

And it’s not personal. The scientist is not important, merely a vessel or messenger. As are we all.

Vessels of the one simple good. Or the other.

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