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Of Creatures Past …

twelve from this year just gone.


The instant before take-off. Just before sunset they seek a roost for the night and may check more than one before settling.

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Lined up on their favourite dead branch just before sleep time. Many native bees sleep this way.


Saved from a watery grave and looking happy for it, to me anyway.


Butterfly on a butterfly bush, a rare enough opportunity afforded by a butterfly migration through the area.


Small wasp depositing her eggs into a not-dead-yet tree. Creatures take every opportunity for habitat.


Angry ant, testing its mettle against the giant flower beetle. The beetle, impervious, took little notice.


Wooly weevil on a drying orange skin staked in the garden. Not seen before or since.


Ambush spider casting a thread into the night. To travel to new places and things, nest site, a mate, food and death …


Fly at night. It’s a good time to catch them still for a shot, carefully – they still don’t like to be disturbed.


Brothers perhaps, sleeping on a daisy with nasturtium in the background.


Nocturnal ant, unusual for Oz an un-armoured ant, also relatively un-aggressive – you can tell by the look of them.


Midge on the blue butterfly bush at night. Everything has its season, its time. Its time is gone, for now.

Being what they are, doing what they do.

Not a problem in sight …

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look