Nature's Place

Elusive Beauty


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Infrequent visitor to the butterfly bush, faster than most and hair trigger to a finger touching the flower he’s feeding on …

Unless he’s actually engaged, focussed, on eating. Contained. Then you have to be it, to get it, the shot. A matter of focus.

Never met a fly with mental issues – born of self reflection and the imperative to realise peace of mind.

Colourful, unpredictable little thing … wild elusive beauty.


I am not what passes, and every-thing passes in time, becomes past.

Except for this time, now. Now is always now, it never passes, never changes.

What is always now is the space every thing passes in.

Seeing it is doing it, a guided mystery.

Of wild beauty being.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look