Nature's Place

Seasonal Girl


She’s aware of me and seeks to escape my attention. Not from fear but as a habitual response to a peak of activity in her environment.

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After a little while playing with her she stops a few seconds and poses for a shot. Treat them gently and they relax enough.


Love a sense of drama with the dark cloudy background. I suspect they live a largely relaxed life, with the occasional life and death clash.

Everything has or is one, a season. It grows, flowers and fruits, then it is gone.

Of course, the Botany Bay Weevil knows nothing of that.

It is engaged in now, being its beautiful self.

Sensing, unselfconsciously.


Its instinctive intelligence – as it is in all things – is focussed in its primary senses.

Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling – what enables it to endure here.

So it might fulfil its purpose in being, to reproduce.

As in all things, you may have noticed.

Earth robotics, you and me …

plus self reflection.


Reflection on instinct, a recipe for madness, what we got.

Until reflection is on being, something else …

no-thing in particular, nothing.

Letting what passes pass.

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