Nature's Place

Flower Attack

Milling about the flower that feeds them, ants gravitate to the available nourishment, their need.

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Daisy of a kind on a sea of colour in the garden. A busy place for creatures of a size.

Nicotiana, the perfect flower of the – poisonous to some – tobacco plant.

Come to me, carefully, or feel my deadly kiss pierce the heart – or finger – of you.

Aromatic lavender, a little bit of heaven. Bee in the love of love, it’s a pleasure.

The gravity of a flower is its nectar, to the smaller bodies that are attracted, until the gravity or attraction changes …

Much like the things that come and go in our lives over time, people, situations and things …

The planets about the sun, the moons about the planets, the comets that burn in our sky.

Earth dust to starshine, we (I) pass this way.

Who am I?

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