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Signs Of Life

This young spotted katydid is about 15mm long, tail to nose.

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It is probably a member of a brood currently foraging and surviving in the garden.

They have to be careful of the many spiders taking advantage of the boon of winter wildlife, with their webs cast about.

The shieldbug is doing much the same though differently.

Each kind of creature has it’s own ways of doing things.

Nearly all of them come to the flowers at some point in their lives.

It’s been consistently warmer recently and life as the small creatures is presenting around the garden. It behoves me to get a few pictures as they do, because they are just passing, as am I.

They are only images of signs of life that occur in sense and resolve to sensation. Out of sensation form arises, or re-arises, and falls or dies again. Life cycles here, endlessly.

And behind that is what doesn’t cycle, doesn’t change and always is … What does sensation arise from … nobody knows, the unknowable formless space.

Let go of everything else, form, and there it is, or isn’t … is, isn’t …

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look