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Long nosed weevil on the clothes peg basket. Held on tight with folded legs when I touched the plastic on approach for a shot.

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A common enough garden fly asleep – still need to be careful – at night on one of the less common flowers in the garden.

A bug of some kind, sap sucker, stopped on the young sunflower leaf for a while.

Green shield bug, another sap sucker, enjoying the abundance of nourishment in one part of the garden this sprinter.

Short nosed weevil making its way among the spring/winter plants.

Small orb weaver on a moldy old lemon – habitat – staked in the garden. Everything has its day.

Long legged weevils on an moldy old orange staked in the garden, making friends perhaps.

of bugs.

Going about their daily business, our little cousins. In their often colourful and outlandish clothes, uniform (to the human eye) within their own tribe.

They often communicate with each other in passing, usually amongst their own kind.

Some do look almost gentle, why not. Others are spiky and dangerous.

Between them they are equipped to eat almost anything …

a bit like people that way. Our insatiable nature.

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