Nature's Place

Characters …

Each a unique expression of one life with one purpose.

To live just as they are.

Three stingless bees evicting another from the hive they attacked. This mop-up went on for months after the raid – They probably defended the honey hoard or the queen, ’til death.

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Not a tasty looking morsel, to me anyway. Fiery red assassin bug in one of its early forms, the wing ‘buds’ give it away.

Katydid prowling the flowers at night. They don’t eat as much as their larger cousins, grasshoppers, so I leave them to the tender mercies of the other night stalkers. Who lives and who dies … who knows.

Tree blood, from the same one the red assassin bug is on above. Delicious … colour.

This moth ran into me one night in the garden, then stopped in front of the lens. Interesting ‘head’ gear, the fringe on top.

What can I say … a bug on a branch doing what it does, balanced with a drop of moisture. Everything has its place.

If you look carefully – click it – you will see this fly is depositing eggs on larva on the leaf above its head. A leaf from the same tree the recent sawfly and larva were found, here –

A leaf beetle. rounded, colourful and I’ve never seen it eat another creature except leaves. Maybe that’s its gentle nature.

And in the end … walking on the edge of the world. Precarious positioning. Don’t fall off …

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look