Nature's Place

Beez …

in the bush.

From the morning glory days, a male I think. Relishing a dose of nectar at the mouth of the mind altering flower.

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He took his time enjoying the liquid pleasure. A rare enough visitor, we being surrounded by desert dry gardens.

And more recently, a female I think. Taking a break from collecting pollen for the nest, there’s more to life than young.

And another break, or another bee, on my dry hand. Preening time, best to last a little longer in a wearing world.

Making the most of one native flower in the garden. It’s almost summer conditions here now, not yet though.

Another flower from the local bush, seeds collected and sown for the garden to give life to. She seems to enjoy it.

And all is well … naturally.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look