Nature's Place

Twilight Beauty

Dark enough to disappear into the shadows. Movement enough to notice. Wild enough to survive in a world of pure sense.

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Sun on clouds behind, the time wasn’t yet right for her instinctive activity – to eat and mate and even play perhaps. Why not …

The pure instinctive pleasure of being, in colour or form, that is only reflected upon by the human eye, or I. Keeping emotion out …

What’s this … Springtail looks up in awe at the giant beauty-beast above. May be a story there for the young ones.

Out of the shadows she rose, disturbed before her time, passing through my peripheral view in her butterfly flight.

Almost didn’t see her in the shadows at dusk, except she moved. Movement, a dead give-away to the eye that sees.

She is a beauty, her elegant form testament to her makers genius. Between light and dark she wakes.

But she wasn’t ready for flight just yet, rather to sit until the dark was deep enough.

And then away … this Lacewing dancer.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look