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Hooded monk – looks like – beetle, on the butterfly bush against the red nasturtium. What big eyes, to see in the dark.

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Long tongued fly, for reaching into those deep flowers. Looking a little aged after a long day harvesting sunflower pollen.

Caught out in the rain, this little shovel headed beetle, I raised him up. In my hand will dig into the shadows, strong as a dray horse.

A wasp, I think, only found twice after the rain and wind forced her to land for the duration. Lovely blue in the black.

My old favourite, orange tail resin bee. She’s finishing off her nest and the cycle begins once more. They are doing well this year.

Drone fly, came and went, as is the way of nature. Nothing stays the same for long. Keep up by unloading the expectations.

Wasp, taking a break after being rescued from the watering can. She recovered quick enough and was away on the breeze.

Have you ever seen a cockroach die a natural death? On their back, legs still ‘running’, they are unable to right themselves again. To all appearances done for, but they never give up. That’s nature, instinctively.

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