Nature's Place

Another Few Picture

Katydid, appears on the butterfly bush in camouflage, works better on the spent flowers. Only the one so far this year.

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Lynx spider, ambusher with no instinct for blending in. Those spikes would be piercing, entrapping any passing prey.

Sandpaper fig beetle, pregnant, and the three sisters know it. Parasitic wasps, I reckon, looking for opportunity to lay.

Hungry shield bug, making the most of body-building droppings, often from a bird. No such thing as waste in nature.

Caterpillar enjoying the flower buds of a sweet-potato vine. It definitely favoured this milky food.

What some creatures get up to at night, a beetle gripping a drying towel, for moisture maybe. Gone in the morning.

Long fella … some creatures are rarely seen, by me. Then they move off into the night. There is every shape and colour …

Settling into summer here and the next wave of creatures hasn’t arrived yet. Though enough are coming and going to provide some entertainment.

Reminders too, of an intelligence and creativity beyond the human that makes the world of politics and finance and science that dominates today.

Nature just won’t go away, no matter how human intelligence will try to reduce it to what can be utilised. Weeds still grow in the cracks …

And the pavement will always have cracks, time does that, and nature will always return in some form. That’s its nature … relentlessly.

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