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Raining Frogs …


Some locals or visitors to my area might be interested in this – Meditation In Nature and Macro Photography


Content to pose a short while as I positioned myself for a few shots. Remarkably passive to my handling of it.

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Flexible frog, all the better to get around while evading the predators – birds and snakes and lizards. Same colours as the leaves and stems too.

In the palm of my hand. Where we have nature in fact, and not doing so well with it – with our biblical dominion, surely means responsibility.

Hello little one. On my arm. … No sense of alarm or urgency, just frog being frog. Not calling out though, still absorbing the sense of the newness.

On an orange I have staked in the garden, for other creatures to call home. Fungus weevils live their lives here as it decays.

By the tree s/he calls home, taking position to jump into the big black darkness. About two feet through the air and it was home again. Home again …

Since I got to the new place on acreage, next to a remnant native forest, the tree frogs have been very vocal in harmony with the unrelenting rain.

Every time it rains, and many evenings as the light fades, they are up and about singing their hearts out to their neighbours near and far.

And though I carefully stalk the darkening green for a sighting of these elusive creatures they are all but invisible, until they move.

The contrast enables cog-nition, so re-cog-nition is that much easier. Once seen it’s easier to see again.

It’s the same with self knowledge, movement (inside) that is reflected in the situation enables re-cog-nition.

Re … because we already know. We just need re-minding before the knowledge sticks.

But the frog doesn’t care. Being free of self reflection frog is content being frog.

Nature is remarkable that way … human nature is another story.

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