Nature's Place

When Gods Play

Careful now, examine, sense, taste, before diving in and calling out the house guard to join in.

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Let the feast begin, with giants leaving space at the table for their tiny neighbour to take its place.

And once determined to be true let’s play ball, why not … what’s good for me is good for you.

One might even pray, for deliverance of such a bounty. Higher than can be seen, on any other day.

Kick, catch … Nah, this is mine and mine alone. Until I meet my kin and s/he can have the bone.

To be enjoyed, even delighted in, by the sumptuous appearance of the honeyed play of gods.

What else to call it, that this creature will only know once in its life. But play and pray … delightful day.

Tucked below the retaining wall of the raised garden beds, these green head ants do live and die.

Head heavy on shoulders lean and strong, focused in the darkness, marching to an invisible beat.

And then, a sniff, a touch, a sense of something unforeseen, perhaps a sign of gods at play.

A bounty, of honey, nectar of gods of another time, that no creature dares deny.

Cautious, curious, furious energy spent exploring this gift delivered, by what amazing feat.

Excitement, disbelief, if such can believe at all, the boon received and in their way these little giants, they pray.

And play, and so we learn the simple way, of being and delighting, from which their nature does not sway.

In ordinary living, day to day. Though it is not always so.

So they say.

© Mark BerkeryClick on those pictures for a closer lookand click again.