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Frogs Frogs Frogs …

What else … :-)

Red nasturtium flower for background to this zen frog. They do meditate in their way, instinctively.

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Living on the edge, of a leaf of the crucifix orchid. These dwarf eastern tree frogs all look alike to the (my) naked eye.

They all have similarities but they are also unique individuals when seen up close. A bit like people that way, without the unhappiness.

Because there’s no unhappiness in my little bit of nature. I work at it, keeping what doesn’t contribute to well-being out. … This mantis makes its own contribution. … And you’re right, it’s not a frog. :-)

Mmmm, what’s that down there? Something to eat perhaps? Or is it just my hand reflecting light back up that caught frogs eye. Hmmm …

Steady as she goes. Do frogs slip on shiny leaves in the rain? I don’t think so, I’ve seen them jump 9 inches or so in the wet and dark and land nicely and hold on quite easily.

Focused and intelligent creatures, naturally. This one in between the leaves, sheltered in a way. They are never cowering but do hunker down when disturbed, for better traction if it comes to jumping.

The rain keeps falling, the sun keeps shining, the frogs keep singing, and the garden’s shooting along the other side of winter to the lengthening days.

When nature, in its many facets, is acknowledged enough – and a few other things – human nature loses its bite.

So all’s good in this little bit of nature on other’s land.

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