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Then There Was …

1-P1120745_filtered Mark Berkery

The same bee from different angles on different days, times and ambient light.

1-P1130749_filtered Mark Berkery

1-P1120804_filtered Mark Berkery

… one.

Winter is coming and the bees are struggling to hang on. Regardless of the conditions they, she, can be found at dusk on the same grass stem as yesterday.

As summer ends their numbers are no longer replenished. The young won’t waken until the temperature rises again and the moisture in the air increases.

The colder it gets the less they eat and fly, the colder they get, the quicker they die. Much like us people … better keep the camera warm or it’s me next.

And next year, as long as the conditions are right, there will be more bees to participate in the great cycle of things we know as nature.

Thank you bee, it’s been fun following you around since spring. See you next year I trust, maybe plant some flowers for you.

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