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Treasure …

3-P1050279_filtered Mark Berkery

In one end, out the other. So hungry they dug in and ignored the ants who made the most of the fresh opening.

2-P1050490_filtered Mark Berkery

Rare enough, to catch one with its face out of the banana. These 1st 3 pictures were taken with a zoom + achromat.

1-P1050318_filtered Mark Berkery

The banana dried tough in dry winter sun so the ants had to go where the beetles made a fresh break in the ‘skin’.

4-P1130990_filtered Mark Berkery

These 2 taken with a broken macro lens. Double image, an aperture blade in the lens tore and jammed the action.

5-P1140016_filtered Mark Berkery

Still got some of the better pictures with it, though just curiosities now. Lens has gone for repair – we’ll see …

The cold has come to Brisbane and the garden is bereft of its aerial inhabitants, not much to be seen at all.

So I put a piece of over-ripe banana out to see what happens, and they came from all corners for the feast.

A hidden tribe of flower beetles descended upon the banana in the sun, dug in and haven’t let go yet.

That was Monday, this is Thursday and there’s still three or four of what was ten or more at one point.

A welcome entertainment as the winter garden closes down in preparation for maintenance, naturally.


Clearly they use sense to detect the presence of food. I’m sure it wasn’t broadcast any other way, it just makes sense.

Does the making of sense encourage the sensing of things that are now, as distinct from thinking about …

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