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Sand …

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Fiddler Beetle, visiting the butterfly bush earlier in the year – it’s been a dry year.

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Only came the once I saw …

1-P1070836_filtered Mark Berkery

… to feed on the abundant yellow flower’s sweet nectar.

… is where ‘s’ea meets l’and’. It must be so, how it came to be called sand. It just makes sense.

However, the most memorable experience of my recent few days away from the familiar was the sensation of sand being sucked by tide from beneath my feet, as I walked in the sunshine along the edge where earth falls to the deep.

The roar of waves breaking along the shore as I lay in the dark of night, on the other edge of the deep, inside.

Bright moonlight in a dark star filled sky, lighting up the midnight beach.

Cool misty morning air hanging over the dew soaked trail.

The simple things that please without excitement.

The feel of sand is what sensation looks like.

Welcome to my new world order …

… of sense, in ancient ways.

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