Nature's Place

Seasonal Girl


She’s aware of me and seeks to escape my attention. Not from fear but as a habitual response to a peak of activity in her environment.

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After a little while playing with her she stops a few seconds and poses for a shot. Treat them gently and they relax enough.


Love a sense of drama with the dark cloudy background. I suspect they live a largely relaxed life, with the occasional life and death clash.

Everything has or is one, a season. It grows, flowers and fruits, then it is gone.

Of course, the Botany Bay Weevil knows nothing of that.

It is engaged in now, being its beautiful self.

Sensing, unselfconsciously.


Its instinctive intelligence – as it is in all things – is focussed in its primary senses.

Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling – what enables it to endure here.

So it might fulfil its purpose in being, to reproduce.

As in all things, you may have noticed.

Earth robotics, you and me …

plus self reflection.


Reflection on instinct, a recipe for madness, what we got.

Until reflection is on being, something else …

no-thing in particular, nothing.

Letting what passes pass.

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Elusive Beauty


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Infrequent visitor to the butterfly bush, faster than most and hair trigger to a finger touching the flower he’s feeding on …

Unless he’s actually engaged, focussed, on eating. Contained. Then you have to be it, to get it, the shot. A matter of focus.

Never met a fly with mental issues – born of self reflection and the imperative to realise peace of mind.

Colourful, unpredictable little thing … wild elusive beauty.


I am not what passes, and every-thing passes in time, becomes past.

Except for this time, now. Now is always now, it never passes, never changes.

What is always now is the space every thing passes in.

Seeing it is doing it, a guided mystery.

Of wild beauty being.

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Of Creatures Past …

twelve from this year just gone.


The instant before take-off. Just before sunset they seek a roost for the night and may check more than one before settling.

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Lined up on their favourite dead branch just before sleep time. Many native bees sleep this way.


Saved from a watery grave and looking happy for it, to me anyway.


Butterfly on a butterfly bush, a rare enough opportunity afforded by a butterfly migration through the area.


Small wasp depositing her eggs into a not-dead-yet tree. Creatures take every opportunity for habitat.


Angry ant, testing its mettle against the giant flower beetle. The beetle, impervious, took little notice.


Wooly weevil on a drying orange skin staked in the garden. Not seen before or since.


Ambush spider casting a thread into the night. To travel to new places and things, nest site, a mate, food and death …


Fly at night. It’s a good time to catch them still for a shot, carefully – they still don’t like to be disturbed.


Brothers perhaps, sleeping on a daisy with nasturtium in the background.


Nocturnal ant, unusual for Oz an un-armoured ant, also relatively un-aggressive – you can tell by the look of them.


Midge on the blue butterfly bush at night. Everything has its season, its time. Its time is gone, for now.

Being what they are, doing what they do.

Not a problem in sight …

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Spider Hunter

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It was just before the rains, I was walking where the drain runs into a creek, the road into a rainforest.

On the edge of things, you could say. And what did I find but ephemeral form. What else is there in this world …

I was inspecting the concrete wall of the drain below the road when she announced herself, antennae waving, staccato gait.

She was already carrying her burden, a spider, food for her yet to be born young, looking for a suitable nest site to deposit.

Following her wasn’t easy but she did present on a number of occasions, shots taken from a prepared position, lying in wait …

Some things come easy, some you work for. No telling what may be either way until the distortion of resistance is negated.

And in the spirit behind that infamous battle cry down through the ages, god wills it … or not.

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Oddballs …

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 in the garden and beyond.

Being what we are.

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Creatures Of Night


Perched on a stick left out for the purpose. A lacewing takes portrait position.

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Furry fellow, frantic feeder … Anticipating position, speed is key to capture an image of this hyper active moth.


Salt and pepper moth, but not for eating … except by spiders maybe.


Monk beetle, because it has that hooded look. Wedge beetle, shy little thing.


What big eyes … all the better to see in the dark … On my finger.


A fermenting but still useful orange I staked in the garden attracted this big moth, about 3 inches long.


The proboscis is actually piercing the orange peel. When she finished I’m sure she was drunk, the way she blundered about.


Owl Fly, debris of an old butterfly meal evident. Picture of a rose in background to hide the clutter of branches.


They are predators, big 360′ eyes, hunting the same as a dragonfly. Just not as aerobatic.


Huntsman, prowling food debris in the garden pile – one of them.


A different one, front right leg is intact. Sitting for a shot. Amazingly, they can grow new legs.


Hawk moth? Attracted to the light that had a stick beneath it for the purpose. Provide and they come … sometimes.


Don’t and they surely won’t. Hawk moth and friend at rest, a hopper of some kind perhaps …


An occasional visitor to the same light. The only way to see some creatures is attract them.


Nature’s design … my nature. Thank you for your attention.

You have to go down the garden at night to see these creatures of the dark. You won’t know them otherwise.

Go quietly, disturbing as little as possible on the way, lest they take fright and disappear into the night.

The least disturbance can be enough that they are away, never to be seen again without aid.

And when they are done they are gone, time’s up. Gotta make the most of it or …

When you get close enough, never mind the mozzies, little beauties all.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look